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Check the league standings, rosters, and schedule links on each League Night page in the left menu or go directly to schedules below.
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It is your responsibility to be on time for your games.
If you have a conflict and will not be able to make it to a game-  please make sure you contact your opposing team, (phone numbers here), the league manager and the Minot Curling  Club with enough notice. 
Games can be played with three players.  There are often extra players at the rink each night so you can add a player to fill out your team that week. 
Special notice:  Thursday night league will have two extra nights of curling on Tuesday nights of January 12 and February 9.
These games replace the nights lost for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

2014 Club Champions
Jerry Gooch “Gookie”-Skip, Jay Hight, Dean Eman, Joey Schaan, and Steve Schaan.
2014 City Champions "Morelli Distributing" Team
2013 City Champs
Adam Nathan-skip, Nathan Kichens, Pam Stormoen, and Craig Nathan
2013 City Champions "Minot Welding" Team
2012 Club Champions

Adam Nathan-skip, Tim Beck, Craig Nathan, and Gary Fiddler
2012 City Champions "Minot Welding" Team

Thomas Family Funeral Home
Kelby Smith(Skip) , Kyson Smith, Brady Burckhard, and Jon Haskins(not pictured)
2011 City Champions "Thomas Family Funeral Home" Team

Chelsea Schwartz, George Amsden, Adam (Skip) and Craig Nathan
2010 City Champions "Minot Welding Team"

2009 City Champions
Luke Domres, Mark Hildahl(Skip), Jay Ackerman, Doug Shroyer
2009 City Champs "Souris Valley Dental Group"

2008 City Champs
Ollie(Skip) and Gary Fiddler, Mike Rose, Rudy Zupetz
Not Pictured: Steve Kottsick
2008 City Champs "Town and Country Credit Union"

Jim Rakness, Thom Schmid, Jon Bauer, Ron Anderson(Skip)
Not pictured: Mac Guy, Monica Peterson

2007 City Champs "Budget Music and Video Team"

Blake and Neil Sharpe, Keith Lowen, Craig Nathan(Skip)

2006 City Champions "Minot Welding Team"


Robb LaBonte,Wyatt Grindy, Reid Hanson, Donn and Bob(Skip) LaBonte
2005 City Champs "LaBonte Team"